JOST invest

Developing and implementing investment opportunities

Our Work


Developing investment opportunities from the initial idea to its successful implementation

Undertaking feasibility studies, stakeholder analyses, business plans, due diligence, risk analyses

Structuring the project including selecting partners, suppliers and financing

Investing or co-investing

Managing the project execution up to its completion


Our Experience


More than 20 years of hands-on expertise in infrastructure investment projects:
Real estate, public transport, power generation and distribution

Multicultural, multilingual and complex business environments

Business experience in Europe, Asia, North- and South-America


Our Company


JOST invest started in 2009 as a company developing and implementing real estate projects. In addition to real estate the experts of JOST invest have experience and competencies in a broad range of technical and commercial areas related to transportation and energy infrastructure. Consequently JOST invest has since diversified and widened its activities by developing projects in the area of infrastructure.

JOST invest works within networks of companies and additional experts to achieve its goals. Open and direct communication is a cornerstone of our daily work. Mutual trust and reliability is a key element of our success.

JOST invest also offers its expertise to support third party projects and activities.